Fortnite Box Fights Guide

Box fights fornite

Box fights in Fortnite has become one strategy you want to pick up if you want to play competitively. Matt’s get limited and each placement takes
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  • You can only accumulate 500 of each material And take more to get used up quicker.
  • due to this you need to be resourceful. To do that you can use editing.
  • Each material placement takes up 10 materials.
  • A few key binds will assist In Box fights.
  • If you don’t have these skills in competitive you are going to really struggle end game.

Keybinds and Changes

  • Building Edit: Scroll wheel down
    – This will allow for you to maneuver in box fights or build battles much quicker and easier. It does take a little to adjust to it but once you get it down it is a lot easier to maneuver and out play a lot of people.
  • Reset Building Edit: Scroll Wheel Down

– When you are Maneuvering through a lot of placed build you can quickly reset it. Closing any gaps behind you in case someone tries to sneak in behind you and you didnt see them right away.

  • Confirm Edit on Release: Turn this on
  • – This will make maneuvering even easier so when your done clicking after scroll wheel down you can finish the edit instantly and more efficient.

How to Practice

After You have the key binds set up properly you can go into private matches and find community based maps that are designed to continuously practice by maneuvering fast. Some will have many different editing scenarios and if you really want to test you’re skills afterwards you can do ones that’ll Be against actual people.

Private Match Practice Courses

There are some private match courses you can use to get better at box fights. Each can be used to really improve your competitive advantage with box fights. My recommendation to greatly increase your skill is to practice a few of them each time before you head off to the Public matches for the day.

  • Radier464’s Fight practice match.
    – Here you can grab any weapon and practice open box fighting in various different ways.
  1. Fighting them from the outside in
  2. From above to drop down on them
  3. Up to them
  • The other you will be placed against other players in a small enclosed map that is intended for fighting multiple people in a close quarters in a box fight with random gear to really test your skills.

Great Mice to Use

These Mice are great mice for competitive FPS gaming like fortnite. They can provide great accuracy and not to many buttons so you can get to the important binds quickly.

  • Logitech G502 (Has 3 side buttons that are comfortably close to the thumb. Can bind to )

  • Steel Series Rival 650. Click image to see on Amazon (Great accuracy optical mouse, also includes three thumb buttons)

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