Scoobydood 18 Kill Game

fortnite chapter 2

In this high kill game fortnite scoobydood gets an insane 18 kill game. He builds and edits through the game with ease and why he is able to get a lot of kills easily. He also adds in a few funny edits to gameplay video.

Scoobydood high kill game Fortnite chapter 2 season 2

Scoobydood with the Box fights

Scoobydood has insane box fighting skills and build battle skills. This is why he can frequently get insane games like this one. Hes has the top tier player maneuverability.

This is a start to a lot of content coming from scoobydood. High kill gameplays and soon competitive montages.

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fortnite chapter 2
high kill game in fotnite chapter 2 season 2 with scoobydood

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