Top PS5 Console Skins

Top PS5 Console Skins

If you are looking to make your PS5 look nice. I have compiled a list of items that I feel are nice quality skins for the PS5. A lot of them out there are bland but these ones are what you’ll love. If you enjoy them, let a friend know and show them this list. We hope you enjoy them as well and we will have more great PS5 items coming soon. These are only items I would pick, everyone does have different taste, though I hope everyone enjoys them.

Starry Galaxy

This skin Is the coolest looking Galaxy looking skin I’ve found for the PS5. There are others of course but this one actually looks great. You can check it out here

Goku Skin

Added this one for the dragon ball fans, It highlights all of his modes, normal Saiyan, super Saiyan, super Saiyan god super Saiyan and even super Saiyan 4. You can check it out here

God Of War Skin

This one is for the God Of War Fans, also just a great and clean quality to it in my opinion. I chose it because of the clean nature of it. If you are a fan I hope you enjoy this one. You can check it out here

Maze Skin

This one I chose for how clean and stylistic it looks. Clean design and a nice pattern. You can Check it out here

Sasuka and Naruto Skin

This one is for the Naruto Fans and the chaos going on within the images. It looks great and adds some emotion to the systems style. Brings it back to when the story was still fresh and had all the hype around it. You can Check it out here

Cotton Candy

I chose this one because it looks sort of like a prism. To be honest if you could get a PS5 with a prism paint job default, that would be amazing because of how clean this goes with the PS5’s shape and style. I think this one should just be a normal model item. You can Check It out Here:

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