Assassins Creed Valhalla Thegn’s Armor Set

The best Early Armor Set in Assassins Creed Valhalla

Just from looking at the featured image, you may agree with me. The Thegn’s set does look like one of the coolest armor sets in the game once fully upgraded. It is a Bear Armor and heavy armor, in my opinion one the best armor sets in the game besides the Thor Armor set. Below is a guide to locate each piece of the armor. This guide will be updated with video soon.

Set Bonuses

  • Armor Set Bonus (2/5). Increase Critical Chance when parrying.
  • Armor Set Bonus (5/5). Additional increase to Critical Damage.

Weapons to Pair With Set Bonuses

Sepulcher Axe: Ignite your weapon after Critical Hits

Lagertha’s Axe: Increase Critical Damage when surrounded by more than 3 enemies

The Morrigan’s Guard: Chance of Poison Cloud on parry

Its almost as if the Sepulcher Axe and Lagertha’s Axe were meant to be duel wielded with this set. Since the set adds a bonus of higher chance of critical hits. Getting the ignition with Sepulchers Axe happen just about every few hits. Adding free fire damage basically all the time. Pair it with Lagertha’s Axe and you’ve got a formula for Massive damage every few hits as well. Though if you like shields, pairing with The Morrigan’s Guard will make poison clouds that will add to the chip damage of nearby enemies. Burn them with the axe and poison them when they get nearby. Just depends on if you like to hack and slash your way through or go in with a little caution.

Best Rune To Pair With Set

Chained Deft Rune: With a set that increases critical chance after Parrying. Adding Rune that makes it also after each hit makes it even more effective. Also combined with the a weapon that ignites on critical hit and another weapon that increases critical damage. You’ve got a recipe for a setup that is going to destroy enemies fast and with few hits. It is a maximum critical combo, this is why you see people talking about it being one of the best armor sets in the game.

Legertha’s Axe and Sepular Axe: When Paired with these axes, you not only get Ignition more frequent but more critical damage as well.

Sepular Axe and The Morrigan’s Guard: You will get Ignitions more frequently. Though you wont get the extra critical damage buff, you will still have the poison cloud effect that will help with chip damage.

Thegn’s Cloak Location

Location: Wincestre – Bishops Residence, Second floor. Breakable door entrance.

Thegn’s Heavy Tunic Location

Location: Temple of Brigantia

Thegn’s Great Helm Location

Thegn’s Bracers Location

Location: Stenwege Camp.

Thegn’s Breeches Location


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