Modern Warfare Community Discord

Link below for discord, Modern Warfare Team and Community Discord

Looking for a community?

This is Admiral Gamers Modern Warfare community discord. we are trying to grow as large as possible. The goal is anywhere from 5000+ members.

Building a Team

Not only are we building a community but a team within the community.

  • Content Creators (video’s, montages, funny clips, useful tips for the community)
  • esports team (one day we want to have a real esports team that takes championships)
  • Blog posts (Right here on the site we want to create blogs to help the community while they are on the go and have a question about the game or other games we may play.)
  • Plan Coordinators (people who will assist the content creators organized and assisting finding skill info and sparking ideas)

If you join, please spread the word by sharing at the bottom of the page.

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